Create 30 Self-Care Kits for Young Women – £300

The Canaan Project offers support to young women and girls through clubs and drop in sessions, small groups and mentoring in schools and community centres in the Globe Town area of Tower Hamlets, East London. Tower Hamlets has the highest level of child poverty in the country with 42% of under 16’s living in income deprived families. They provide these young women with a safe space to try new activities, discuss issues, work out identity related topics, go on cultural visits, have visiting speakers and go on outdoor pursuits trips. For many of the girls, due to cultural and financial reasons they would not otherwise have access to this.

They are seeking £300 for some self-care kits that they would like to develop for the girls in their small groups. These groups are for young women facing particularly difficult situations and aim to give them a supportive space to share their experiences and also to develop coping strategies and ways to look after themselves. The self-care kits include a number of items that will remind them of the things discussed in the group that will help them to continue to look after themselves after the group has finished. This money would enable us to create self-care kits for 30 young women.

These kits will include:

Sometimes things get on top of us and we get upset. It is ok for us to cry.

USB stick of positive tracks
Music can help us express how we’re feeling, calm us when we’re angry or encourage us when we feel low.

Shampoo/ Conditioner/ Body Wash
It is important for us to take care of our bodies for our health and it can also help us feel good about ourselves.

Scented Candle
We need to remember that our bodies need to rest. Light your candle, relax and enjoy the fragrance.

Sometimes other people’s words or actions affect us and upset us. Blow out all those negative words into the balloon, tie it up and then burst it.

Stress Ball
On a daily basis things frustrate us. Squeeze all our frustration, anger and stress in to the ball, safely expressing these feelings.

Cereal Bar
It is extremely important for our physical and mental health that we eat regularly and healthily.

Sometimes we hide ourselves from others because we don’t know how to be ourselves. Remember to find someone we can trust and be ourselves with.

Teddy Bear
Sometimes we have days when we need comfort and soothing because we feel upset, vulnerable or afraid. Get a hug from someone who cares about us.

Sharing our thoughts with someone we trust can be really helpful. Grab a good friend and have a chat over a nice hot chocolate.

Notebook and Pen
Using these it gives us the opportunity to write down or draw how we are feeling and it is also healthy to use the creative part of our brain

For more information on the works of the Canaan Project click here.

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