Community Centre and Café in Italy

April 16, 2019

The community centre in Italy that we support continue with their great work.  The second-hand shop has unexpectedly become hugely popular, (prior to this one opening, the concept of a charity shop was unheard of in the town and in most of Italy).  Locals are now donating goods regularly to the shop and they have recently had a very welcome surge of items for babies being donated, including an almost new pram, which was offered to some very young new parents.

The café and community centre has become a place to congregate and somewhere to go where people know they will find a warm welcome.  Julia who runs the centre told us about how in the last month they were able to offer support and love to an elderly French lady living in the community who was wracked with grief and loneliness after losing her husband, and also a dejected 15-year-old boy who was struggling at school academically and with making friends. The café at the centre provides a listening ear, kindness as well as an excellent cappuccino!

The centre is really making a mark in the community and are working hard towards self-sufficiency through their increasing profits from the café and shop, we are very grateful for the relentless hard work of the team out there.

To read more about Un Aiuto per la Vita please follow the link to their own site here

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