What we do at LiveTwice

What we do

LiveTwice is a humanitarian aid organisation which works to help break the cycle of poverty, abuse and unemployment that destroys the individual and leads to the breakdown of families and society. LiveTwice gives a hand-up not just a hand-out. We help the destitute and oppressed, regardless of race, religion, creed, colour or gender. We do not judge, but assist those who have taken a wrong turn in life – as well as those who have not had the right opportunities – to turn their lives around.

We have a heart to see communities strengthened, helping them become their own support. In order to do this we work with children and young adults, as well as those of all ages, both in the UK and abroad. We teach skills, provide access to education, inspire and mentor within safe environments, empowering many to make the most of their lives for themselves and their families.

LiveTwice funds projects that are guided by an individual’s capacity, skills, experience and vision to help those around them, with far reaching benefits. We help set up workshops and training groups to teach a range of practical skills according to need. Discussion groups give many the chance to be heard, to learn and to be inspired – opportunities for people to explore what they can do, instead of being told what they can’t.

The charity also provides some practical support and care for the mentally and physically disabled. Overall, its aim is to put the caring principles of ‘love your neighbour’ into practice.

What we fund

We sole-fund and partner-fund projects where one or more of our Trustees has a personal knowledge and connection. This ensures LiveTwice maintains a close relationship with each and every project we support, as well as creating clear communication and accountability.

Projects usually fit into “training based” or “need based” projects, all projects have an aim to benefit a specific community, focusing on long term effects and creating sustainability.  Projects supported by LiveTwice actively put the values and principles of ‘love your neighbour’ into practise.

Please note that we do not usually accept unsolicited applications and cannot guarantee a reply to all enquiries.

New Philanthropists

“As someone starting out in the world of philanthropy I have had the incredible privilege of funding projects that help those in need, both in the UK and abroad. They say it is better to give than to receive and – while it’s always nice to be on the receiving end – giving certainly does feel good! During our years at LiveTwice we’ve come across many individuals and small-scale organisations in desperate need of help and support. We’ve kept a list – and we now work a bit like a match-maker. We can match your personal interest and level of funding with a person or project where you can be sure it will make a very real and valuable difference.” Liz Earle MBE

Due to the high number of requests for project funding and our experience in many different areas, we are often able to connect those who would like to get involved with philanthropy with a variety of worthwhile projects to support. We can undertake the monitoring and support of new projects or bursaries, which gives donors the freedom to donate to a specific project or place that interests them, in a very easy, safe and rewarding way. It’s a bit like match-making!

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