100% of the money we receive from your donation* will go directly to a LiveTwice project.  At LiveTwice, our administrative and running costs are funded by our founder, so every penny of your kind donation will go to those who need it.

*If you donate through Just Giving, a very small fee is taken. We are working on finding an alternative donation method that is as easy for you to use. Remember you can always make a donation by cheque if you are unhappy with this small charge.

While we don’t have a specific child-sponsor programme, we do have a list of a number of individuals who we know are in need of personal support. If you would like to support an individual’s education, healthcare or skills training, please take a look at our individual bursaries to see how you can help some exceptional people by giving them the opportunity to turn their lives around.

At LiveTwice, we believe in the importance of knowing where the money you send us goes. We pay very close attention to every project we support to ensure that no money is wasted. We believe that by personally knowing the project leaders and beneficiaries we create more open and honest relationships with each project. We work hard through the highs and the lows, making sure that all funding is put to the best possible use.

To make this happen, the trustees of LiveTwice can nominate a project they know which is actively seeking to give the people of their community a second chance. LiveTwice then decides if it is a cause we are able to support and in what ways we are able to do so.

We are currently building our selection of resources and have some literature about each of the projects as well as a short introduction to LiveTwice. These are available as PDFs for free download. Please contact us for access to any of our publications or to request additional copies.

If you would like to send a cheque to LiveTwice, please make it out to LiveTwice Charitable Trust and send it to:

7 Chaldicott Barns,

If you would like your donation to go to a specific project please enclose a letter to inform us of this.

If you want to keep up to date about everything happening at LiveTwice, please sign up for our newsletter. You can also follow us on Facebook  and Twitter!

Yes, if there is a project you want to donate to then please specify this with your donation and we will be sure to put your money to use for that project. If you would like to give specifically to an aspect of a project or have further questions please contact us.

There are many ways to get involved in LiveTwice. The main way to get involved is to hold a fundraiser, perhaps a coffee morning or sponsored run – get creative! This is a fantastic opportunity to tell your friends and family about LiveTwice, whilst helping raise money for one or more very worthwhile projects.

We would also invite you to follow us through our newsletter and social media sites so that you can keep up to date and help us spread the word!