Who we are

Our vision

To offer opportunity, practical skills training and personal support to strengthen communities in need.

Our mission

LiveTwice is a ‘second chance’ charity working with disadvantaged people of all ages regardless of race or religion. Our aim is to enable people to find a purposeful place in society, working with communities to put the compassionate principles of ‘love your neighbour’ into everyday practice.

Who we are

LiveTwice was founded by Liz Earle MBE in 2010 and became a registered UK charity in 2011. It operates in areas where the charity and its Trustees have in-depth knowledge of the projects and beneficiaries it assists. These close connections are one of the fundamental reasons why LiveTwice has such strong and valued relationships with those who run its projects. Because our Trustee Board knows our beneficiaries, there is a very short-chain of communication which helps to make our funding clear and transparent. We are also able to bespoke our funding so that your donation reaches the particular project you most want to support. These are just some of the differences that are LiveTwice.

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