Yeovil4Family – Hannah’s Story

April 16, 2019

We spent a morning with the team at the 4Family centre in Yeovil last month.  We have been involved with this incredible organization since meeting  them at the Centre for Social Justice awards in 2015, (they won an award and funding in recognition of their achievements).  Since then the project has gone from strength to strength and they have become a much relied on service within the community.  They are well respected by the authorities and the county council regularly refers families to them for much needed support and help; to the point that they are now full to capacity and sadly having to turn families away for the time being.  4Family offer assistance for a 12 month period, working with all the members of the family to find resolutions to problems which can easily escalate into something catastrophic without any support.

An inspirational young lady, *Hannah came in to tell us her story. She received support from 4Family for a year after her Mother suddenly died when she was 19 years old. Not only was she devastated by the loss of her Mum but still in her first year of university she found herself thrown into the role of parent as she was now left the sole carer of her two younger sisters aged 9 and 11.  The little family were referred to 4Family by a teacher at the girls school.  The amazing 4Family caseworker *Nicky worked with the family helping them on a practical level with schooling, housing, childcare and deciphering the general bureaucracy that Hannah had been catapulted into. Nicky was also there to provide very much needed emotional support to three girls who had just lost their Mother.  With the help of 4Family, Hannah prevailed thought it all with such courage and the family are now able to stand on their own two feet. Nicky keeps in regular touch with the girls and her immense pride of them all was obvious, but particularly of Hannah, who continued with her university studies and has just completed her degree and qualified as a Pharmacist!

*Names have been changed 

If you would like to support 4Family directly or read more about their work, please follow the link to their site here

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