Lambeth Palace Gardening Project

A new venture for LiveTwice this Autumn is the Lambeth Palace Gardening project.

The initiative was put to Liz by Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury earlier in the year and a pilot project will be run by his team from Lambeth Palace.

LiveTwice will entirely fund the pilot and if successful Lambeth Palace plan to expand the project further in the future.  This innovative scheme will work with refugees who will come to the Palace for a gardening club under the supervision of the gardening team. They will have the opportunity to learn English gaining work-place experience and learning new skills. It is hoped that if successful the project can be expanded and may be able to support some of the attendees in gaining horticulture qualifications.  We wish the team at Lambeth the greatest success with the pilot of this scheme and LiveTwice are delighted to be able to support such a worthwhile project close to home.

An update from Lambeth Palace on 8/02/18

Jess at Lambeth Palace writes, “At the moment we have two regular members of the gardening club, one with intermediate levels of English and another with no English at all who has only been in the country for a few months. The gentleman with intermediate English is doing very well and we will soon be ready to join our larger group of English-speaking regular volunteers so that he can practise more advanced English.  The gentleman with very basic English is also progressing, and we use picture cards and repetition to help him learn gardening vocabulary. There have also been discussions with the council about how we can support him into employment doing gardening and park maintenance. A highlight in the first week of the project when one of the gentleman – who has dealt with a great deal of trauma in his home country – came into the garden and immediately started to stroke every leaf he passed and smell all the flowers. He explained to the interpreter that he felt peaceful and calm for the first time in a long time, just by being among the plants. It’s wonderful to see him so peaceful and enjoying the therapeutic benefit of being among nature in the heart of a huge city. With huge thanks once again for LiveTwice’s support with this project – we are so grateful”.