Aspire: one person at a time

February 12, 2013

Below is an excerpt from an interview with K, after she completed Aspire, an adult mentoring scheme helping people to realise their potential. I think it is really encouraging to hear from real people benefiting from our projects.


Why did you come to Aspire Mentoring?

“I didn’t know how to where to go or who to turn to for help. I wasn’t talking to anyone. I was homeless and all my 5 children had been adopted and I had no contact with them. This was making me very depressed. I had no self worth and my health was being badly affected.” K was traumatised by a past of abuse, misery and the loss of her 5 beautiful children who were taken into care and then adopted. She couldn’t cope.

How did Aspire Mentoring help and support you?
“They provided a mentor. I wasn’t too sure where to start, but was willing to give it a go. Vicky met up with me every week and we started to talk and work through the things that were holding me back. Vicky accompanied me when I approached the adoption agencies to find my children. She also supported me in getting rehoused.” With permanent housing found, and long term issues of debt, addiction, and mental health problems being dealt with, K started to believe that her life could turn around.

What positive changes has Aspire Mentoring made to you?
“I like myself now. The mentoring has made a massive difference to the way I see myself. My life has been completely turned around. I have now been given a permanent beautiful home and have regular contact with each of my children and it makes me feel proud as a mum to know all my children are doing so well. I also want to help other mums in my situation and would like to start a group to support others. The very thing that was destroying me is going to be my purpose. We don’t have to hide ourselves away in shame, we can work hard to be strong, successful and proud mums for when our children come looking for us!”

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