Urgent appeal for funds from Loving Humanity

July 31, 2018


Amy Peake continues her inspirational work in the Refugee camps of Jordan despite numerous set-backs. By manufacturing much needed nappies and sanitary wear for distribution to the mothers and girls who so desperately need them, hygiene standards are improved in the camps and girls are able to stay in education after they start menstruating.  The manufacturing process is based within the refugee communities ensuring that the products get to the people who need them and women living in the camps are employed by the project providing a wage and dignity for refugee families

The UNHCR, (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees), who were initially very supportive of the project, have for no apparent reason recently pulled their support by blocking distribution. Undeterred Amy has found three churches in Jordan who have rehoused the factory and so the project is able to continue the manufacturing of these vital products.   Each of these churches support a large Iraqi refugee community who get no aid from the Jordanian government; Loving Humanity will be able to distribute freely from here without interference from the UNHCR.

The raw materials and machinery needed to manufacture these essential items we all take for granted must be shipped from Europe and of course there is a continuous cost implication.  Amy works relentlessly at fund-raising and this month LiveTwice have been able to offer a further grant to help this valuable project to continue.

But Amy still needs additional funds and is urgently appealing to organizations and individuals for support.  If you can help, please go to the Loving Humanity website and click on the donate button at the bottom of this page now – Thank you! http://lovinghumanity.org.uk/partners-and-sponsors/ 

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