Fairtrade Gold Feather Fern Pendant Brooch (Liz Earle Fine Jewellery)


Fairtrade Gold Feather Fern Pendant Brooch (Liz Earle Fine Jewellery)

This exclusive design from Liz Earle is the first piece from her ethical and sustainable fine jewellery collection. This beautiful solid 18ct Fairtrade gold Feather Fern is hand-set with 37 precious green tourmalines and has been cleverly designed to be worn either as a stunning pendant or a beautiful brooch.

Complete with an adaptable 18ct diamond cut fine trace gold chain that includes a charming tourmaline encrusted detail to the clasp, the pendant can be worn at four different lengths. 10% of all profits will go towards providing garden play equipment for disabled children at Noah’s House, one of the projects supported by LiveTwice.

Measurements: Length – 3.5 cm, Maximum width – 1.5cm

Adaptable Chain: 46cm, 50cm, 54cm or 58cm

100% handmade in Britain and hallmarked Fairtrade.

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This botanically inspired design Feather Fern is a multi-function piece, entirely handmade by British craftsmen from solid 18ct Fairtrade gold, hand-set with dark green, glittering tourmalines. Either wear as a pretty pendant – the fine chain has four ring adapters so it can be worn at four different lengths – or as a beautiful brooch.

One reason why this piece is so very special is the way it has been made. By using ethically and sustainably sourced Fairtrade precious metals, we can make a real difference to the lives of small scale artisan miners and their communities. The Fairtrade mark means that miners must have met standards on safety, workers’ rights and the environment, and in return they are paid a fair price which guarantees their financial security. They also receive an extra amount of money to invest in projects that help build a better future for their families and communities, such as education, medical care and better housing. Sadly, only a tiny fraction of all the precious metals being mined today are produced in this way. The Fairtrade gold used in the Feather Fern comes from the Aurelsa mine in the Peruvian village of Relave in the Atacama Desert.

For more information, please visit lizearlewellbeing.com

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