Sewing Machines for The International Aid Trust

September 14, 2017

Amongst many other projects this year we were delighted to support The International Aid Trust in their incredible work.  The IAT are involved in many humanitarian projects worldwide but asked us to help by support areas devastated by the brutal war in Sierra Leone and the Dorcus project in India. The IAT have channelled our money towards providing sewing machines to these small communities and funding a tailoring teacher for a year.  By providing the machines and teaching a skill, the people can create a better future for themselves which complements the LiveTwice ethos of ‘a helping hand up and not hand-out’.

But on top of providing sewing machines,  we were thrilled to hear that our donation was matched by an international aid grant which has ensured the IAT New Hope School near Freetown in Sierra Leone is maintained for another year benefitting 550 children.

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