Choices Community Trust, Gorton – UK

A community project run by Choices Community Trust in the heart of Gorton, a deprived area of Greater Manchester. We help provide practical skills training, from ICT lessons to help job hunting, to a music academy to inspire and teach children.

Gorton, Greater Manchester, suffers from widespread long term unemployment: unemployment levels in the area are over twice the national average. Due to low standards in the local schools (30% of students in Gorton North achieved 5 GCSEs compared to 64% nationally), Choices Community Trust (CCT) fear that this is becoming a cycle that is on-going in the area and are determined to find ways to help make a change within the community.

With the support of LiveTwice, CCT opened a community centre with free access to computers, help creating a CV, and other computer skills assistance. This friendly and welcoming centre provides a space for CCT to run training programmes which help members of the community get into work – perhaps for the very first time.

As well as reaching out to those currently searching for employment, CCT see the need to engage with younger members of the community working both in and out of schools. Through music tuition and group lessons CCT have found a creative way to motivate young people, boosting their self-esteem and broadening the range of hobbies and interests available to them. Other youth work is run in conjunction with the police services, reaching out to the youth of Gorton whilst building relationships and trust.

All the works of the dedicated staff and volunteers at CCT actively help create a brighter future of employment and self-worth at any age, building a stronger local community.

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