Elodie grew up in a mountainous part of France (Haute Savoie), with her older brother and sister, regularly hearing stories of her Grandparents adventures working Niger. Even in her mid-teens Elodie loved working with children and began helping at summer camps as soon as she was old enough. In 2006 Elodie move to the UK to work as an au-pair, gaining a new perspective on the care, support and guidance children need in everyday life. Having moved back to France, she trained to become a director of children’s centres and continued in this area of work for three years.

In August 2012, Elodie came across an opportunity to work in Kinshasa, the capital city of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), the poorest country in the world. Elodie has a five year voluntary contract working with Ministry CarePoint, whose focus is to care for AIDS-affected children in Kinshasa. She coordinates the groups where the children come after school for a meal, tutoring, games and teachings. Ministry CarePoint has a holistic approach to their care for the children, believing each child has multiple needs that have to be met: social, emotional, physical, and intellectual needs. Elodie is involved in ensuring there is the appropriate follow up of each child, including school and home visits, medical care, and a sponsorship program to ensure the children receive all the care they need, helping to give each child the hand up they require.

Elodie is a full time volunteer and the money LiveTwice have been able to provide helps covers her essential costs including rent, insurance, food, flight tickets and visas, all of which enable her to continue in this vital role.

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“From hopelessness, malnourishment and lack of care, our children find a new hope for their future.
They are cared for in all their needs to grow up serenely” Elodie.

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