Birdsong London – UK

Across the UK, 92% of women’s charities have experienced funding cuts or a funding crisis over the last few years. While these organisations provide vital support to the women who need it most, many women’s organisations were making clothing and accessories as part of their activities and fundraising, but struggled when it came to selling online due to a lack of skills, time or resources.

Started in August 2014 by a trio of feminist founders, Birdsong London sources fairly made fashion, from brightly printed bomber jackets to quirky jewellery. They have created a marketplace for clothing made by women’s organisations with each purchase gives 70-85% back to the women who made it, from groups in Malawi to seamstresses on Brick Lane.

Birdsong supports women’s charities, community groups and social enterprises that make clothes by helping them sell online. They provide tailored support including design, product photography, marketing and logistics. The goal is to boost the income of these groups, making them more enterprising and less reliant on traditional funding so that they can continue supporting women.

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For women who expect more from their wardrobe. Birdsong finds the best female makers and brings them to you.

No sweatshops. No Photoshop.

We don’t think our bodies need changing. Birdsong wants to clothe your body, beautiful as it is.

Be a part of this great project and take a look at their online market place.