New Kid’s Clubs to open in Embu and Meru, Kenya

July 18, 2017

WeSeeHope in Kenya

We continue to support the incredible achievements of the charity WeSeeHope in Kenya.

Since 2012, LiveTwice has partnered with this project which helps build vital support networks in communities which will eventually become self-sustainable: the project funded by LiveTwice continues to support the already established Kid’s Clubs and the Orphan and Vulnerable Children Committees (OVCs) made up of residents living in these communities who have been trained by WeSeeHope. Through training and workshops the aim of WeSeeHope is to make these community support systems independent, without the need of outside finance or supervision. This year the project will replicate the Kid’s Club model in six new communities in Embu and Meru.  Liz and Patrick Drummond were able to visit Kenya again in February of this year to witness the life-changing work this project achieves and were so impressed by how our funds are being used and the visible improvements to the communities this is bringing.

Joseph and David

A story from the latest update from our partners in Kenya really touched us; a neighbour had noticed two small boys, Joseph and David from the Kangoro community, were living on their own.  She got in touch with one of the Kids’ Club leaders, Arnold, who had recently been trained by WeSeeHope. Arnold organised a home visit to meet the children and discovered that the two boys had stopped going to school altogether, instead they were working in the fields in order to earn enough money to buy food.  As a Kids’ Club leader, Arnold reported this to the OVC committee and a guardian was identified to live with Joseph and David. The OVC committee bought school bags, books and soap for the boys which has enabled them to go back to school full time.  They are now financially supported by the OVC committee and the boys are also able to regularly attend their local Kid’s Club introducing some fun into their difficult lives.

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