LiveTwice help to provide ‘Safe Houses’ for fleeing migrants in Greece.

June 29, 2017

LiveTwice has recently made funds available to support the refugee crisis in Greece, working with ICC who are a small but highly effective organization providing ‘Safe Houses’ to those in need of protection. Many Christian families arriving at these mainly Muslim refugee camps are reportedly intimidated and threatened with extreme violence. The ICC was formed as a direct response to humanitarian need, providing these families with a safe haven in which to re-build their lives. The funds donated by LiveTwice have enabled the refurbishment and redecoration of 5 derelict properties, making them fit to live in. Volunteers and the refugees themselves have been working side by side to create a better future here and our funds have also provided financial support for the first six months of their stay, enabling families to move towards finding work and a safer future.


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