It doesn’t take much to change a lot

February 17, 2015

I knew Abra from my relatively frequent visits to the Ace Africa project in Bungoma, Western Kenya. He was a mainstay of the small team and a constantly smiling face in the office. One day he was gone – murdered for no apparent reason – leaving a young widow suddenly alone with their very young daughter and with a second on the way.

Entirely devastating for a woman of her age and circumstances.

Since then Christine has fought against the odds and built herself into an independent and hard working young woman raising her two children alone. She has used the money LiveTwice has provided her with to build a successful small business and a future for her young family.  It was a real pleasure to see her thriving and to take these photographs of her at work in her little shop on the edge of town.

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Below is a copy of a letter we recently received from Christine.

Letter 1-2 copyLetter 2-2

Dear Lizzy,

How are you doing? It’s long time since we talked but I hope you are fine. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the support you have given me since the death of my beloved husband (Abraham Nakhisa).

About us, we are doing okay. Even though we have challenges here and there, but that is normal.

F___, she’s seven years now and she is in Standard Two and doing fine academically.

V___, she’s about three years old, she will be celebrating her 3rd birthday in 18th of March. We will also be celebrating the third memorial anniversary of Abraham Nakhisa on 1st of February.

My tailoring business and other businesses like printing, photocopying and soda sales has real changed my life and made me a hard working mother because through it I’m now taking care of my children alone without any other support. It has also made me buy a motor bike which supplements my earning from the shop business also had enabled me to rent sugar cane plantation which I’m now running thanks to you.

About my future plans, through savings I intend to develop in land which I already have. I do assure you that about two years to come or so I will be a land lady.

Last but not least, sincerely I do appreciate everything that you have done to me.

God bless you abundantly.

Yours faithful


Christine’s story proves that it doesn’t take much to change a lot; just the will to take an opportunity to do something positive in a potentially hopeless situation.

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