Birdsong turns 3!

October 6, 2017

Birdsong are now in their third year of trading.  You may remember that LiveTwice were there at the beginning with financial support to help this fledgling project on it’s way? This week we’ve been able to offer more support to help this fabulous ethical clothing company launch their exciting new collection later this month.

Since 2014, Birdsong have made it their mission to make fashion better for women – from worker to wearer. They are now sold in 18 different countries, have been featured in press across four continents, and raised a successful crowdfunding campaign. The company has grown enough that in March this year they were able to welcome Susanna to the flock who has been employed as head designer and production manager.

And, along the way they have also managed to make £40,000 for women’s organisations in London and around the world and also pay the women who make the clothes a living wage!

Sarah from Birdsong writes: “We are really excited about the stage we’re at and are currently working on our biggest collection to date which will mean over 800 hours of living wage work for our London based makers in the next couple of months. It feels like things are really gaining momentum and we’re so grateful to LiveTwice for supporting us”

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